The Redwood Technologies Group

The Redwood Technologies Group was founded in 1993, and has developed market-leading communications systems for the world’s largest organizations ever since. Now, it is the holding company for a range of leading CX companies, including Content Guru.

Redwood Technologies Limited

Redwood Technologies Limited is the research and development division of the Redwood Technologies Group. From Omni-Channel communications to cloud-based solutions, Redwood Technologies Limited is at the forefront of customer communications technologies.

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Content Guru - Engagement Made Easy®

Content Guru is a world-leading Customer Experience (CX) provider. Through the best-in-class cloud contact solution, storm®, Content Guru works with organizations the world over to create an outstanding experience for their customers.


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Potomac Integration and Consulting

Potomac Integration & Consulting Logo
Potomac Integration and Consulting works with governments to design and implement secure communications systems. Founded in 2006, the company operates mission-critical communications for its clients.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

The Redwood Technologies Group is dedicated to giving back to its community and supporting good causes, both internationally and local to our offices. The Group has been recognized for its work with charity organizations, environmental initiatives, and for guaranteeing the highest standard of quality assurance for its customers.


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